Treatment & Protection of the Sassy Yard Card Greeting


  1. Please treat yard card signs with respect.

  2. Do NOT remove them from the ground or allow anyone to horseplay around them, sit on them or hang on them.

  3. The yard card signs are not meant to support any kind of weight

  4. We are not responsible for injuries caused by improper play around the yard card display.

  5. Please schedule all yard maintenance before or after your yard card. 

  6. Damage to the yard card display can be caused by weed eaters and flying debris.

  7. Please do not allow the yard card signs to be removed, moved or vandalized while in your possession. 

  8. Please keep dogs away from the yard card displays.

  9. Please do NOT attach balloons to the yard card display.

  10. Extreme heat can cause the balloons to explode and damage the signs.

  11. You will be charged a $20 replacement fee for each lost, stolen or damaged yard card sign.